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The best homes tell something about the people that live there. I believe that the walls that you live in should be more than just walls! Your personal style should be reflected in your home and be filled with pieces that you love! Life is constant and your home should be a place that is inspired by past experiences as well as set the stage for new memories. I want the place you go home to, to be a place that is relaxing, joyful, inspiring, and perhaps a little fun!



Whether it is a full renovation or you are looking to give a room a facelift or a  fresh feel. I hope to bring you my ideas and work with you to create a space that is truly a unique reflection of you. I look forward to re-imaging rooms and finding ways to make your home and space work for you and your family. The goal is to make your home a collection of what you love and create spaces that you will love to go home to! View my portfolio and follow me on social media.

"Nikki has a great passion and enthusiasm in bringing the best out of every space she touches"

- Dana Chudley -


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