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My name is Nikki Longmuir and I am a interior decorator who specializes in residential decorating. My first love is decorating but I also am a planner, organizer and travel addict! I love the challenge of finding ways to make things work wether it be just reorganizing a room to adapt to changing needs or completely changing it up to give it a fresh feel. There is always a way in my books to make things happen, sometimes it just needs a little extra investigation, a few tweaks and a little determination!

I have always loved to look at homes and see the opportunities that each space has. As a former real estate agent, I had plenty of opportunity to see new and old, large and small homes but each had their own qualites and possibilities. It has what drove me in the direction of decorating. I began to see how each individual and family inspired me to find a house that could be turned into a beautiful home by adding elements of charm, texture, shape and character with the use of fabrics, furniture and colour. Everyone’s needs and lifestyles are different and I look to create unique spaces to match. I will not only focus on what goes into your home but also the overall experience of creating it. Design and decorating should be fun! It is not only the outcome that is important but the process should be enjoyable as well! I want to make your home a representation of your lifestyle, a space that tells the story of who you are.

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